Wat Tham Sua or Tiger Cave Temple is located really close to Krabi Town, Thailand. At first I wasn’t planning on going around there but I really wanted to go all the way up to the Temple so I decided to stay a couple of nights before heading to Koh Tao.

The Tiger Cave Temple is a beautiful Buddhist Temple very sacred for the Thais. A legend says that a big tiger used to roam the cave hence its name. It’s also well known for the 1237 stairs you have to climb before reaching the summit. It’s not that bad and all the monkeys on the way up make it more fun. Just be careful with your stuff because they will take anything they can get haha. It will take approximately 45 minutes to one hour and a lot of sweat to get to the top but the view is really worth it.

Buddha statue on top of The Tiger Temple

 How to get there?

Getting to the Temple is really easy if you are staying in Krabi Town or the Ao Nang area, you can get a taxi or a taxi-bus and it would take around 30 minutes to get there. You can also get a tour but in my opinion is easy and cooler to do it by yourself. If you have any doubts or feeling kind of lost on your way just ask the locals and they’ll show you the way.

Recommendations before going

  • Try to go early in the morning or later in the afternoon when is not that hot, it will make it easier for you. I went around noon, not the best idea 😛
  • Bring a bottle of water or two and a snack.
  • Remember is a Temple and you have to be respectful. Wear or bring something to cover your shoulders and knees. You can also rent it at the entrance.
  • Bring a little wipe for the sweat.
  • Once again beware of the monkeys, they really would take anything. And is better if you don’t play with them.

After the exhausting 1237 steps you will find a statue of a big golden Buddha and an amazing view, hydrate a little more and enjoy the panorama.

When you go down and after you wander around and admire the rest of the place, you can go to the Ao Nang area and watch the sunset by the beach!

Have you been to The Tiger Cave Temple? If you haven’t and are around the area you should go and take this little adventure. Thanks for reading and would love to read your comments!

Have a great week and happy adventures 🙂

Photos by me

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