What a beautiful country the Kingdom of Cambodia is! I only had the chance to go to Siem Reap but I really can’t wait to go back and discover more… In the meantime I want to share some of the things you can do, where you can stay, and some tips if you go to Siem Reap!

Angkor Wat

Cambodia is an amazing Southeast Asian country bordering Thailand, Vietnam and Laos so if you are around there you can’t skip it, I promise you won’t regret. The currency is the Cambodian Riel and $1 or 1€ is approximately 4050 Cambodian Riel. A lot of places also take dollars. Is better to always carry cash with you, Siem Reap is safe and I didn’t see any problem with carrying cash around just be smart like in any other place.

Most of the countries need a visa to enter, you can get it on arrival. It costs $30 for a tourist visa and you need one passport size photo. It doesn’t take long to get it, try to bring the exact amount when you pay otherwise you might get a bad exchange rate.


When you get there

Be prepared to see many many bugs/insects!! A friend who visited before told me he has never seen so many bugs in his life and when I got there I understood what he meant… there were just too many everywhere, not a big fan but you get used to it (just don’t forget your repellent).

You can move around by tuk-tuks or bikes. They rent  bikes everywhere and it’s really easy to get around with. That’s what I did, I only took a tuk-tuk to go to the Temples but the rest of the time I used a bike, I love exploring a city by bike or by foot and here you can do it.



There are plenty of options to stay in Siem Reap. Accommodation here is not expensive so even if you stay in a luxury hotel you won’t pay much. Airbnb and trivago are very helpful to find something you like and according to your budget. I stayed in a hotel really close to Pub Street and it was a really good location, Angkor Wat was just like 20 minutes away in tuk-tuk and the night market was also very close.

Things to do

  • Temples of Angkor: You can’t visit Siem Reap without going to the famous and stunning Temples of Angkor an UNESCO World Heritage site. Angkor Wat is the largest religious monument in the world. Visiting this place has been on my mind for a long time and I’m so grateful I had the chance to go because it really is awesome. To visit the Temples and sites in the Angkor Archaeological Park you need to buy an admission pass (‘Angkor Pass’) it could be a one-day pass $37, a three-day pass $62 and a seven-day pass $72. I recommend you to get the 3 days pass because the Temples are so big and you need time if you want to explore them the right way. I think the best way to go to the Temples is renting a tuk-tuk for the day, they will take you and wait for you outside and then if you want to continue with the next Temple you can do it. In Siem Reap there are plenty of tuk-tuks everywhere just ask them the price before going or talk to your hotel/hostel and they can arrange one for you. The Temples are really something amazing, take your time to enjoy them.

  • Visit the souvenir and night markets: Siem Reap has plenty of markets make sure to visit at least a couple of them, you can find a lot of souvenirs and pretty stuff to take home.
  • Go to Pub Street: Check out all the bars and restaurants in Pub Street. You can find a lot of good food here and also if you want to go party or bar hopping this is the place. It’s a good place to meet people by day or by night. You can also find really good street food and if you pass by the fried ice cream spot don’t think about it twice, is so good 😛

Tips before going to the Temples

  • Dress respectfully, shoulders and knees have to be covered.
  • Bring one or two bottles of water (or a big one).
  • Bring a snack.
  • Bring a little wipe for the sweat (this one is so necessary).
  • Avoid the hours when the sun is stronger.
  • Bring sun protection and try to get it at home, is really hard to find a good one anywhere.
  • Bring repellent and have it with you all the time.

I hope this can help you a little if you are planning to visit Siem Reap! I loved my time there and really looking forward to see more of Cambodia. Have you been there before? What other places did you visit in Siem Reap? Thanks for reading and I would love to read your thoughts!

Happy adventures 😀

Photos by me

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