Koh Nang Yuan is perfect for a day trip! If you are in Koh Tao you have to visit this island to enjoy the white sand and clear waters!

Nang Yuan is a small island located in southern Thailand really close to Koh Tao. Back on August I decided to spend my birthday week in Koh Tao and on my special day I headed to this pretty island.

Getting There

If you are staying in the west side of Koh Tao it only takes around 20 minutes in a boat (taxi boats) to get there. There are taxi boats everywhere you just have to go and find one and talk about the price, it’s usually around 300 baht  ($8) roundtrip, remember to specify this before because you might get a higher price once you have to come back. Let them know what time you want to go back and check if it works for both of you.


There’s only one place to stay at this island The Nang Yuan Resort but it’s more expensive than the places in Koh Tao and besides that there isn’t much to do as in Koh Tao, so my recommendation is not to stay here and just go for a day trip. There’s a small entrance fee of 100 baht ($3).

Food and drinks

There’s only one restaurant at the island and the prices are higher than in Koh Tao and the food is not very good. I recommend you to have a big breakfast or a big lunch before going to Nang Yuan and only buy drinks or dessert there. A couple of Changs by the beach are always a good idea 😉

*Plastic bottles are not accepted at the island so is better if you don’t bring any.

Things to do

  • You can’t miss the viewpoint here, it’s really nice. It takes a little hike to get there but nothing difficult.
  • Snorkeling of course. Is supposed to be one of the best spots for snorkeling in Thailand. You can rent the snorkel mask there or you can bring yours.
  • Enjoy the beautiful beaches. They have beach chairs around if you want to just sit and enjoy the sun.

*Don’t forget to bring sunscreen!

Koh Nang Yuan is a beautiful island where you can have a really good time either alone or with more people. The place can get pretty busy sometimes but it’s worth the visit. I think half a day is enough if you are not planning to go snorkeling for long. Have you been to Nang Yuan before? Thanks for reading and I would love to read your comments!

Have a great weekend and happy adventures 🙂

Photos by me

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