I’m not a great cook but taking a cooking class in a foreign country is always fun. I never thought I was gonna enjoy it so much as I did in the Amani Cookery Workshops.

When I was in Morocco a couple of months ago and decided to visit Fez, I wanted to experience a lot of this city in every way and taking a Moroccan cooking class at Palais Amani was definitely a good start.

When I got to the cookery workshop at the Riad around 11 am I met Fatima and Chef Houssam who were in charge of my class and were lovely since the very first moment. I was taking the private class but they also offer a class with more people (small group) . After meeting them and explain what we were going to cook we went straight to the souk (Arab market or marketplace) to shop all the ingredients we needed. This was actually one of my favorite parts because you get to see and experience the souk in ways you might not be able to do by yourself plus you won’t get lost, the souk is huge and they know where everything is besides you get to try prickly pears (cactus fruit) which is a MUST and some Moroccan sweets 😛

Salesman in the souk
One of the souk’s entrance
Prickly pears

After getting all the fresh ingredients for the class we headed back to start with the cookery workshop in the middle of the gardens. Chef Houssam started with the preparation while Fatima was telling me a little bit more about the traditional Moroccan dishes we were about to make: Zaalouk, chicken tagine and for dessert orange salad with cinnamon and orange blossom.

Chef Houssam

I thought it was going to be hard for me to make any dish because I don’t cook much but I actually learned how to do it and wasn’t difficult at all, they were patient and explained step by step how to make them the right way. It was wonderful and so much fun working with those two… and the best part is that you get to eat everything you and the chef cook 😀

I never recommend something I don’t like or think it’s not worth it but I can say this cooking class is definitely something you should try if you visit Fez, it’s a really cool activity and the food is delicious! I’ll share more about this city in the next posts but meanwhile I leave you with some photos of my Moroccan cooking experience. Thanks for reading and here is the link if you are interested in taking a cooking class at Palais Amani!

Shukraan and happy adventures 🙂

Chicken tagine
Orange salad with cinnamon

With Fatima and Chef Houssam

Photos by me


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